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Big World~Intricate Pieces

The loud winds vibrated with hustle and bustle. The squeak of horns pierced my ears. The screech of trains and the heaviness of laughs were noticeable. Some laughs were filled with emptiness, while other laughs molded into a mask. The smack of lips and the chatter of teeth. The noise of  high heels, tennis shoes, flip flops and of course the business shoe pounded against the pavement creating an unwelcomed melody.

There I was surrounded by all the sounds, movements and vibrations as they touched me in one way or another.

I could feel my dress blowing amongst the calamity of the day.

Did it notice me?

Was my laugh noticeable amongst the others?

Did all the clanking of the heels notice that my feet had stopped moving?

Big world.

Do you sometimes feel small in it?

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