Close your eyes…

Where would your balloon take you?

Would you enjoy the beauty of the day and take in all the surroundings? The fresh air, the sun, the sounds of the breeze…would you take it all in?

Would you have a destination in mind? Or would you allow the balloon to travel wherever the wind took you?

Who would you share your balloon with or would you go alone?

This is a great tool to hush all the noise and pace your thoughts.

I have learned to enter this place of rejuvenation by quieting what I call the background noise.

The kids, the husband, the job, school, and our home with all their loud demands slowly fade into the distance. The noise becomes lower and lower as I continue to go inward.

All of the demands are equally important; however, I know I can tend to the demands more efficiently after time of rejuvenation.

My balloon lands. I exit and begin again.

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