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“Allissen helped me understand my diagnosis and helped guide me to ask the right questions to medical professionals. I still feel to this day that I learned more about my diagnosis of breast cancer from her than from several doctors. She kept it real and understandable. ”

—Breast Cancer Survivor—

Breast Cancer Survivor

“Allissen’s writing is deeply felt. She has a way of explaining her life in such a way that it makes you look at your own life and how to make changes. ”


Great Writings

Coaching and explanations given to me from the director has added value to my life. I have experienced levels of growth and understanding that has transformed my life.


I met the Mrs. Jones as I was leaving the crack-house. She accepted me as I was, but encouraged me not to stay there. Everyday has been a struggle, but somehow on the days when it feels impossible. I have some guidance.


Addressing Barriers through Understanding

Where are you and what are you feeding?

7 Day Cleanse~ Are you ready?

What Do You See?

Today I walked by the color purple. I admired it. I touched it. I allowed the harmonious hues to brush […]

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